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Monday, November 14, 2011

Crochet Cat

Hi everyone, I've been getting into crochet, and I have made a crochet cat! Here's a picture and instructions on how to make it.

Take the yarn that you want to use for the body, and do the chain stitch until it's twice the width you want it to be, with a few extra stitches in there, then make that a loop. Then just keep adding rows to it until it's as tall as you want. Tie off the yarn, it should look like a tube. Taking yarn and a yarn needle sew up one end of the tube, then you will need some cloth that's the same color as the yarn, or at least close to it. And make a pouch big enough to fit inside your tube, fill the pouch up with stuffing and sew up the top of the pouch, then put the pouch in the tube you made, and sew up the top. Then, take some yarn you want the ears to be, and crochet it into the shape of an ear, ( you might have to sew part of it to make it the right shape. ) and make another one that looks the same as the first one, and sew them on the top of the body. Then take some different colored yarn, and embroider the eyes, nose, mouth, and the extra little things. You can also use buttons for the eyes. And ta da! You now have a crochet stuffed animal. (:

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