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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Fun And More Fun!!!

Ok so I have been making my second scrap book for keepers club its about my family, I have a total of 3 pages made right now.
And I'm working around my hammock like raking the leaves all around it and other things.
I'm trying to beat my record for reading a whole harry potter book in one day and finish the whole series in one week.
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my pen pal Rachel!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

some pictures I did


Here are some things a lot of people don't know about!

1. There are only 3,000 manatees in the USA.
2. Monarch butterflies don't eat milkweed they drink nectar from flowers only monarch caterpillars eat milkweed.
3. And since monarch caterpillars eat so much milkweed, when they're butterflies nothing eats them since milkweed tastes terrible.
4. Kentuky cave shrimp live their whole lives in their underwater caves!