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Sunday, July 31, 2011

School Part 1

I'm starting school tomorrow :( . So I thought I would post pictures of some of my redecorated school stuff :D . The picture to the left is of all of the things I redecorated for school besides my notebooks. The box is my locker, I'm home schooled so I don't have an actual locker. All you need to make your own locker is.....
1. A box the size you want your locker to be (Make sure it has the top of the box too!)
2. Scissors
3. ( optional ) Markers, glitter

First take the scissors and cut a flap like the picture below, on the top of the box.
Then you put the top back on the box. And then you can decorate it if you want :) . I'm going to be posting things you can redecorate to use for school over the next few days. So keep coming back to see them!

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