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Monday, January 4, 2010

The Amazing Tales Of Amy And Her Friends :Chapter 1:

This is the first chapter of the book I'm making called "The Amazing Tales Of Amy And Her Friends

Amy Smith just woke up and rememberd she was having a friend come over and spend the night. She went to her closet to get her favorite outfit. Once it was on she looked at her room and realized she had forgoten to clean it up yesterday so she hurridly put her books up and her necklace up then she put a sleeping bag on the floor. She and her friend Kirsten were both going to sleep in sleeping bags on the floor so they wouldn't have to worry about keeping her bed clean enough to sleep on it. Amy had just put the last of the mess in her closet when she heard a "knock" at her door. Come in. Hi Amy! said Kirsten, hiding your mess? Hi Kirsten! And "How did you know my room was a mess a second ago?" asked Amy. "I know things" says Kirsten. And by that you mean my mom told you? Amy said with a laugh. Kirsten looked around the room. "Nice job, that was pretty fast!" said Kirsten. "Thanks!" said Amy. So... what do you wanna do? I don't know, do you? asked Kirsten. I don't know either! said Amy. So, both of them, thinking of what to do they watched as Amy's dog a small dalmation named Spot came running in with Kirsten's small golden retriver named Sonny. Want to read? asked Amy. Nah, lets save that for tonight. answered Kirsten. Then Amy's mom came in. Do you girls want a snack? There are some Brownies that just finished cooling off so right now is the perfect time to eat them said Amy's mom. Yes!!! said Kirsten and Amy at the same time. Ok ok! says Amy's mom. Their down stairs on the counter. Amy and Kirsten raced to the counter and they each grabbed some of the biggest brownies. As they ate their yummy brownies they heard a CRASH. They heard Amy's mom ask, "are you girls ok what happend?" We dont know! Amy called back. Then they heard someone say "it was me" quietly. Chrissa? asked Amy


  1. Pretty good so far :P

    ~♥ Rachel ♥~

  2. thanks :D it was actully longer than i thought it was....