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Monday, January 10, 2011

Woo Hoo!

Today it snowed! But we cant build anything, and I don't know where the camera is so I can't take pictures. But we got 5 inch. of snow! My cat furball LOVES playing in the snow, when it snows, she runs through the snow and jumping it's very funny to watch. She has a completly diffrent opinion on snow compared to Andy. Andy hates snow, so he stays on a chair that didn't get any snow on it. And the chickens freaked out when the snow coverd their whole chicken pen, they were flying up trying not to touch the snow, But since chickens can't fly that well, the chickens would land in the snow, and slide a little bit when they landed lol. And I'm making a list on this post to say what not to do when your out in the snow. ;)

What not do to when you are outside in the snow.
1. Do not trip...........................If you do the make a snow angel! Your already wet so it's a perfect excuse to make snow angels.
2. Do not run in the snow....................... If you do just read the one above this one. ^

As you can tell I did both of those. I ran then poof I was in the snow. I wish I could have seen it when I fell, because when I got up I saw some snow falling around were I was at. When it wasn't snowing lol .

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