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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Tale Of Amy And Her Friends :Chapter: 4 the shell

Amy went back to her room after she saw Kirsten leave, she looked at her bed and went over to clean it up. She looked at her bed some more and saw a seashell, How did a seashell get on my bed? how did it even get in my room? asked Amy. Amy picked up the shell, looked all over it to see if it had been anyones. After a while she gave up looking for anything weird about the shell, so she looked at her messy bedroom, and said out loud. I wish my room was clean. Then a second after she said it, her room was a clean. She stared at the shell, and she was thinking, This is a magic shell! How did a magic shell get in my room??? And just as she was thinking, How many wishes can i make? On the shell it said, 2 wishes left. wow! said Amy. i have two wishes!! so she put the shell down so she couldn't make any wishes by mistake. She had read about people who had been given wishes and they almost always wasted them. so she sat down on her newly cleaned bed and wonderd what should I wish for? Then she thought of the thing she has wanted for years, An adventure! Said Amy as she thought out loud. But If I went to some place beautiful she would want to go there again. so she was thinking of just how to say it right so she could go there again. Then she relized what she was going to wish for she made sure it was just right. she got off her bed and looked at the shell, she knew exactly what to wish for. She reached down to pick up the shell.

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