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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Amazing Tales Of Amy And Her Friends :Chapter 3:

Amy and Kirsten got up at 8:00, I'm glad we're
not going to school today said Kirsten. Yeah me too said Amy. It was a cold Saturday morning, Hey, we should go down for breakfast soon shouldn't we? asked Kirsten. Yeah we should. said Amy, So Kirsten and Amy went downstairs in their pajamas to eat breakfast. Then after breakfast they went into the Living room and watched some tv, Ooo look Spongebob is on! exclaimed Kirsten. Let's watch it! said Amy. So they watched Spongebob for an hour. Then they heard a CRASH and a Grrrrrrr in the kitchen. They jumped up and ran in there where they saw a 3 ring circus, 1.Two small puppies running and rolling around, 2. A broken flowerpot rolling on the floor, 3. Amy's mom trying to stop the puppies by pushing them with a broom to try and get them to stop, Spot! Amy shouted. Spot!!!!!!!! Amy shouted loader, Spot stopped, Sonny who had been chasing him ran right into him when he had suddenly stopped, Kirsten ran to get Sonny, while Amy ran to get Spot. Bad dog's. said Amy and kirsten at the same time, After Amy and Kirsten had calmed the puppies down they put them in the dog bed that was in the room. Then they heard "honk honk" Thats my mom. Kirsten explained. oh. said Amy, Your leaving already? Yeah, but I will see you at church tommorow. said Kirsten. Yeah your right, said Amy, Bye. Bye Amy. said Kirsten

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